Risking Aspirations: A Documentary

More than a year ago, Label Creative embarked on a journey to answer this question, “What does it truly mean to be an Entrepreneur?”

This is our answer.

It all started back in May of 2012 when our CEO, Thomas Dadourian, was contacted by Kenan Azam and Rajesh Grover about an opportunity to film an event for the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge organization. As an entrepreneur himself, Label Creative was in it’s beginning phases, Tom accepted the opportunity and with the help of Victor Shiu was able to film some behind-the-scenes footage for a sizzle reel. Apparantly Kenan and Rajesh were so impressed by our work that we were invited back to film another but much bigger event. The UCSD Entrepreneur 100K Business Plan Challenge.

As we continued working with E-Challenge, our love for the community grew. We were immersed into a world of like-minded individuals who were pursuing their passions and aspiring to impact the world each in their own individual way. We learned to understand the business landscape of San Diego and the entrepreneurial community that made it great. This lead to several more conversations with Kenan and Rajesh, and through those conversations the concept of a documentary was born. This was the beginning of “Risking Aspirations”.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we wanted to learn why other people would start their own business. We started to contact and interview several prominent names in the San Diego start-up and entrepreneurial community and discovered this reoccurring idea. If you are an entrepreneur you are taking a risk. You’re risking your money, your energy, and most of all your time. However, if you don’t try. If you don’t gamble everything you have on yourself and your business, you’re risking something that is more important. You are risking your dreams.

Everyone in this world has a dream that they want to come true, no matter how big or small. If you’re not willing to risk your life on it, you can never realize your dreams. Entrepreneurs are people who are so passionate about their dreams and ambitions that they throw everything to chase their dreams.

Are you so passionate about something that you’re willing to gamble it all away achieve your dreams?

If so, take the risk and achieve your aspirations.

Written by J Ninja

J Ninja

Johnathan (J Ninja) has been a filmmaker and entrepreneur since 2008. His expertise lies in Film/Television screenwriting, development, and producing; community and social media strategy; professional development and training; & organizational leadership and management. As, the Development Strategist at Label Creative he focuses on Media Development, Internal Management, and Public Relations.